Owning a new home can be exciting and overwhelming.

Design Horizons aims to ramp up the excitement and remove the obstacles and uncertainty around new home construction.

In addition to a superior architectural shell, Design Horizons provides an essential service for the success of your project: a complete set of permit documents. Documents are included with every cabin kit and are amended to reflect your individual design and site parameters. The set includes all architectural and engineering details for the construction of your customized Q Cabin Kit. We include coordination with other agencies and engineers to insure that your permit package will be complete and be successfully awarded a permit for construction. We are happy to help you locate and qualify a contractor who can provide all the additional construction services to complete every aspect of your Q Cabin project. We even offer kit installations nationwide.

The successful steps to a new Q Cabin home construction are:

Secure financing.

Decide how you will finance your new home. If you need help finding a lender, we have sources and details of programs available in many locations.

Buy land.

Find that ideal spot. Use realtors to find available land and lots. Design Horizons can help you determine if a Q Cabin would be right for the land you’re interested in.

Call Design Horizons.

We will work with you to come up with an ideal floor plan and integrate the home into your property. Once we have an approved 3D model, your project will move on to engineering and construction drawings.

Choose a general contractor.

A local contractor will need to be responsible for the foundation, rough in, and finishes. If you don’t already have one, Design Horizons will help you locate and qualify contractors in your area.

Get started with a deposit.

A 25% deposit will initiate your project and take it all the way to obtaining a building permit. An additional 50% deposit is required upon permit approval with the remaining 25% due prior to delivery of your Q Cabin Kit.

To price your Q Cabin Kit, email sales at theqcabin.com .