Q Cabin Kits are the new concept in sustainable micro housing.

Q Cabins come in five models from 120 to 1,400 square feet.


Every material or system choice used to build the Q is based in a green technology. We use steel stud and EPS foam wall panels, natural fibers, high tech insulation methods, low-E insulated glass, passive and active solar systems, automatic ventilation systems and sustainable sized footprints. The end result is an architecturally pleasing, resource efficient, and environmentally friendly cabin.


Q Cabins are built with quality in mind. Our cabin shell is one of the strongest, most fire resistant and best energy performing cabin shells on the market. Q Cabins are constructed of materials that do not harbor molds and mildews and are pest resistant. Our windows and doors are top of the line, Low E, heavy duty extruded aluminum thermally separated windows manufactured in California. A cabin built to play hard and last a lifetime.


Q Cabins are designed to be at home in the mountains, in the desert, at the beach, or even in a modern metropolitan environment. The sweeping curves evoke a modern shape that harmonizes with nature.

The shell concept allows for client customization with regards to finishes and interior configuration. Your Q will be unique.

Q Cabins are spacious and versatile. The design allows for modular spaces that can change with season, site orientation, number of occupants and whim. The soaring ceilings are unparalleled in the cabin market. The volumes created by the high curving ceilings add prestige to the modest sized footprints.

Q Cabins design focuses on view. Your vacation property is beautiful. Q Cabins are designed to bring the natural beauty of your site into your living environment. A 17’ view wall in both the Mini and the Nautilus XP insure that the view is the dominant feature of the interior. The Mountaineer has as many square feet of glass as it does living space.


Q Cabins offer a low cost and a fast construction duration for a completely site built structure using environmentally sound materials and systems of the highest quality. Kits come delivered by shipping container (including 30 day rental) with all your Q components fabricated and sequenced, ready for installation. Kits include all shell components for the full erection of your Q from the slab up. For the contractor this means, no estimating, no material sourcing, and fast completion. A full set of detailed construction documents are included as well as standard slab and footing details.

Q Cabin Kits are available in standard, as well as custom packages.

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