Here are some thoughts from our most valued clients…

From Aubrey Pruis
Association Executive, Paradise Association of Realtors

Paradise California Association of Realtors

“Since being burned out from the Campfire of 2018 that destroyed Paradise, CA, I’ve been tirelessly researching non-combustible building materials for building a new house.  I’ve seen a multitude of great options but have still been undecided on what to build and how to build it.

However, two years ago I was talking to Vern Sneed, owner of Design Horizons, in my capacity as Executive Officer for the Paradise Association of Realtors (PAOR).  Vern introduced me to his Q-Cabin Kits (Quonset hut houses), which are made entirely of metal and non-combustible materials.  The concept was great, and I was intrigued, but still on the fence as I was unsure if this build option was for “me.”  I really wanted to build a log cabin home, and the Q-Cabins couldn’t check that box.   And being that there weren’t any Q-Cabin Kits built at that point, I had nothing to go and physically see and tour.

Paradise, CA was mostly a community of “stick-built” homes with a few of your standard senior manufactured home parks.  So, I knew the Q-Cabin kit build option was definitely “unconventional,” and was Paradise ready for Quonset hut style houses?  Then, two years after joining PAOR as an affiliate member, Vern stopped by my office to tell me about the latest series of Q-Cabin homes that he had built in Paradise, and he invited me to come tour the latest Q-Cabin home that Design Horizons was currently in the process of building.

My first impression when I first drove up to the house was that it looked like a country-style “board and batten” sided home with the arched metal roof indicative of a Q-Cabin home…and it looked awesome!  Then after going inside and touring the Q-Cabin house, I was certainly impressed with the design, quality of the build, and the attention to detail.  It fit into the aesthetic of Paradise with a craftsman-style country home flair.  This made up my mind about the Q-Cabins.  They are a fantastic and affordable build option and a definite game changer!

After touring the interior of the home, not even finished yet, but the walls, plumbing, electrical, and windows were all in, I could get a good feel for the layout and what it would look like.  But, in my mind, I still came back to the fact that this isn’t a log cabin.  So, I asked Vern, “can you build this to be a log cabin Q-Cabin?”  Vern immediately replied with “yes,” and he stated he had a local “log siding” vendor for the Q-Cabins that makes the siding from metal, but it looks just like logs so the Q Cabin looks like an actual log cabin.

Knowing that I truly do want a log home, and I now have the option to have one custom built as a log cabin and is non-combustible, state of the art design, and economical?  SOLD!!!

So after almost 3 years post Campfire of relentless searching for the best way to build my log cabin, you guessed it, I’m planning to have Design Horizons build my log cabin home, Q-Cabin style, and I can’t wait!”  Aubrey Pruis

From Andrew McCloskey:

We worked with Design Horizons to design and build our home in the mountains east of San Diego.

The entire experience was smooth and efficient throughout the concept phase, kit delivery, and on-site construction, even with the challenges that the unique Quonset design presented for San Diego County’s stringent permitting process.

We get tons of compliments on our Q Cabin and are currently working with Design Horizons to plan and build an addition and garage/workshop to match the home.

Thank you, Design Horizons for a quality experience and your creative ideas.

From Michael K:

Vern at Design Horizons helped us with a remodel. The design was great and the work came out fantastic. Our construction estimates ended being right in line with the final costs. We have since recommended Design Horizons to several friends.