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The Mini Q Cabin Kit

The Mini Cabin Kit

The Mini Cabin Kit was designed as the ultimate retreat cabin.  With 391 square feet and 18 foot ceiling heights, this one room cabin kit feels anything but small.

Mini furnished Footprint size is 18′ by 23′.  The Mini Cabin Kit is perfect for couples or small families. The view wall has 17 feet of glass, capturing the essence of your property.Mini in landscape7

The 8 foot by 8 foot roll up glass door promotes interaction with the outdoors opening the main space to nature.  This unique feature allows the Mini Cabin Kit to convert to a storage garage when not occupied.  Mini interior in forest Pull boats, four wheelers, bikes, patio furniture and all the rest of your toys inside for safe keeping while you’re gone.

IMGP9491 (2)

The Q Cabin Kit’s shell is superior in every way.  The insulated wall panels perform above an R-40 rating, saving you in energy cost.  These structural panels are resistant to mold, mildew, insects, and fire, protecting your investment to the fullest.IMGP0263 (2)

The structure of the Q system is meant to last a lifetime.  The Quonset sections are roll formed galvalume  with a 30 year warranty from the manufacturer.IMGP9496 (2)  The sidewalls are metal stud insulated panels utilizing recycled steel and EPS foam, combining for one of the greenest approaches to construction.2014_01_Donner_Rafters_0024 (2)

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