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Are You Ready For a Q Cabin?

Determining whether you are really ready for a Q Cabin comes down to answering 3 key questions.

So let’s take a look at those questions, and see if you are ready to get started on building your new structurally superior, fire-resistant home or cabin.

  • Do you own your land? If you are still dreaming of where you would like to build, then it is probably too early to talk about specifics. Q Cabin Kits can be permitted anywhere.  Check to see if your potential land purchase is regulated by a homeowners association or controlled by covenants, conditions, and restrictions.  Those are the only roadblocks to a potential Q Cabin project.
  • Do you need financing? Building any home requires a solid financial plan.  Contact your preferred lender and get pre-qualified in writing for a home purchase of the amount you can afford.  If you do not have a preferred lender then we have a few leads for you.
  • Do you have a contractor?  You should be in contact with a General Contractor who is on board with your decision to build a Q Cabin Kit home.  They will be able to provide you with all the construction cost information that you need to make your final decision.

If you tick all these boxes and are ready to get rolling with your Q Cabin, then call me (Vern) today at (415) 533-7094 or send an email HERE.

Building Permit Requirements For Your Q Cabin

Building permit requirements for your Q Cabin, while not an exciting topic to discuss or an exciting task to perform, is the one thing that you will want the most help with.

In places with heavy regulation, like California, the process can be extensive and involve many outside entities.

Soils reports, surveyors, structural engineers, environmental impact, energy certs, fire sprinkler, mandatory measures, CAL green, tree permits, scour reports, floodplain studies, and I could likely think of a few more but you get the picture.

Other locations have very few regulations and plan sets become informational.

Plan sets and structural details are used for the contractor to be able to understand the scope of work to be completed and the critical dimensions.

If you hire us at Design Horizons to coordinate your permit you won’t have to worry about any of the requirements for building your new Q Cabin structure.

We find out all the answers and then task our architectural detailers and structural engineers, who are familiar with the Q Cabin Kits, to produce plan sets customized for your jurisdiction and your needs.

We have access to energy consultants, septic designers, fire sprinkler designers, and can coordinate any requirements that your jurisdiction might have during the process of your Q Cabin construction.

The Q Cabins Kits are site built, ultra strong, non-combustible, and conform to even the strictest of building standards.

Sign up today for your custom designed Q Cabin Kit and then relax.

We’ll shuffle through the red tape for you, no matter how long it gets.

Are you ready to get started? It’s simple.

Send me an email HERE or give me, Vern, a call today at (415) 533-7094.

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